[MP3] The Western States Motel: “Country and Western Song”

The Western States Motel provide an eclectic mix of sound in their music, with a sort of alt-folk synth style. It’s different, aesthetically, but it has a familiar appeal. The vocals are very much reminiscent of acts like the Eels, or even Wilco. “Country and Western Song” has a steady rhythm, and even though it seems like their genre may not have the best mix of instruments, they pull it off because of the straightforward sound.

Carl Jordan, the frontman of The Western States Motel, is from Monterey, CA, and the West Coast influence is obvious (what, you couldn’t tell from the band name?). Lean back, relax, and smile.

The Western States Motel – “Country and Western Song” [MP3]

Their forthcoming EP, Freeway Freeway Riverbend, is set to drop sometime in February.

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