[MP3] Sweaters: “Can’t Stop Winnin’”

You have to expect good things from a band named Sweaters. Right? I mean, when are sweaters not of the feel-good variety? When I think sweater, I think warmth, nostalgia (the colder Holiday seasons do that, but by association, ya know?) and comfort.

Sweaters – the band – provides all that good stuff, along with a classic rock hop in their step. The photo above may imply another “glo-fi” artist, but Sweaters have a rich, filling sound that makes your body tingle. The female harmonies really do it for me, playing off the keys beautifully. Have fun with “Can’t Stop Winnin'” below.

Sweaters – “Can’t Stop Winnin'” [MP3]

The 7” “Can’t Stop Winnin'” is out via White Iris Records.

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