Pastel Group

It’s Free EP Friday! Pastel Group, out of Boston (in case you can’t tell from the album title below), began as the solo project of singer/songwriter Nick Pastel and turned into a threesome after the first songs were recorded. Now we have the privilege of hearing guy-girl harmonies with the original experimental pop.

You can probably tell how new this band is, considering the somewhat roughly produced debut EP, but the band makes up for it in maturity. They don’t try to outdo themselves, even with so much layered into the sound. Confusing? Alright, let’s try to work with my inarticulate thoughts. You know when a band has so much going on in the background and it shows because you can hear them trying too hard? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about – those of you who read this blog are likely listening to more music than you can handle. Contrary to the try-too-hard-til-our-heads-pop-off sound, Pastel Group keeps things subdued, and I think you’ll appreciate it.

Check out the Jamaica Plain EP below, along with a newer track, “Thinking and Moving”, Bandcamp style. (And if you’re the type who likes a quick mp3 better, get “On This Night” as a sneak peek.)

Pastel Group – “On This Night” [MP3]

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