Oak Island

A mere 339 plays on Last.fm…and the music is actually really good! Oak Island, aka Jeff Zito, is the kind of artist I’m more than willing to post about.

A musician, writer (check out his blog, “Eating A Hobo”, here), and apparent cat-lover (check out his Bandcamp pics…) based out of Queens, New York, Zito is a one-man electro machine. It’s not the kind of electro that jumps out of its skin, it’s more of the mood-inducing style, if you know what I mean. Perhaps Baths off of speed (i.e., without huge crescendos, crazy kid noises, etc.), Oak Island employs subdued vocals overtop lo-fi layered synth. It’s a comforting sound, something we can turn to as we crawl under the covers on cold mornings and wait for the sunlight to wrestle its way in.

Zito is in the midst of a one song a month project, which will hopefully last a year. He’s got three tunes under his belt, and is letting us hear all of them for free! Thank god for indie music, am I right?

Oak Island – “High Tide Edict” [MP3]

Oak Island – “Ground You” [MP3]

Oak Island on Bandcamp

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