[MP3] The Farewell Circuit: “Christmas Bird”

Am I jumping the gun? Probably. I also fear I’m stepping on Jamie’s toes a bit, as he’s had his Christmas features in the past, and I’m, well, Jewish (NO HE DI’N’T!). But who can ignore when The Farewell Circuit sends over a track they recorded a couple years ago in anticipation of a potential Xmas EP?  I’m gettin’ excitedddd. I have little doubt that a band I’ve championed so often (hot on the heels of another KR-championed band, Balmorhea) will deliver.

“Christmas Bird” is simple and graceful, providing a warm harmony to the chilly weather. (I know, odd time for me to post as it’s actually been beautiful outside…)

The Farewell Circuit – “Christmas Bird” [MP3] (from the Birdless Sky sessions)

The Farewell Circuit on Bandcamp

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