Nope, I’m not getting all biblical on you. Yes, this band has been around for ten years and I’m just now hearing about them. Nope, those two things have nothing to do with each other. Yes, there is definitely something wrong with me. Especially having not heard of Jonah before (…among other things, of course).

Conspicuously lacking the sort of experimental sound that has been featured lately on Knox Road and other like-minded sites, the Portland fellows produce a softer side of pop rock, with vocal-centric, melody-driven tones. Catchy stuff, for sure, as the woah ohhhhs of “Bees” ring in my ears several minutes after the end of the song.

Jonah’s latest full-length is The Wonder and The Thrill, a step in a new, less anthemic direction for the quartet.

Jonah – “Bees” [MP3]

Jonah – “Please Let Go” [MP3]

Jonah on Bandcamp | MySpace

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