[MP3] Fredrik: “White on White”

Well guys, I’m back from New Orleans for work and my, do I have some great new music to share with you. Thanks so much for your patience! It was a busy week, but I’ll be coming at you with several posts over the next few days.

On that note, there is little better than checking my overflowing inbox and finding a brand new Fredrik track waiting for me (and you). Trilogi is one of my favorite albums of the year and I was certainly not expecting new music this soon from the Fredrik fellows. Would this mean a lack of focus in the rush to get the new songs out there? I’m happy to answer with a big, hearty NO, YOU IDIOT.

I really am (an idiot for thinking that was possible). The new Fredrik material is stunning, gorgeous, and even better than I was expecting. Which is saying a lot, if you click those above links. Origami, the new EP (with three tracks), is coming out November 16. It’s available digitally and as a limited edition 7” as The Kora Records celebrates their 7th year as a label with a new 7” series.

Origami marks the debut of Fredrik as a three piece, with instrumentalist and vocalist Anna Moberg, who complements original members Fredrik Hultin and O. Lindefelt well. Tribal percussion, bells, drifting harmonies, a deeply resonant sound. I feel inspired. Catch one of the new songs below, and read more about Origami here.

Fredrik – “White on White” [MP3]

Fredrik on MySpace

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