[MP3] Hancock Basement: “One in a Million Does”

Nothing like some new, bouncy Australian pop from folks we’ve excitedly featured in the past. Hancock Basement remains unencumbered by genre trends, moving forward with their own brand of pop weirdness, oooh-ahhhs, and general likeability. They get me going on a day like today, where I need all the energy I can muster to pack for a work trip to New Orleans.

[That being said, just so you’re not thrown off, I will be gone for about a week, unable to do much concerning Knox Road. Not to worry, I’ll be back full throttle the week after, and our capable writing team of Jamie, Abby, Tom and Jesse will have you looking forward to much greater posts than mine.]

Hancock Basement is set to release “One in a Million Does”, recorded by hip-hop producer D’Opus (they’re full of surprises!), to radio stations and will be officially releasing it for free download November 15. But you lucky KR readers (and probably some lucky [insert other blog] readers) can check it out below.

Hancock Basement: “One in a Million Does” [MP3]

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