Eureka Birds release Eureka! EP

Eureka Birds, a four-piece (sometimes fiver) band I included in my Memorial Day mix back in May, released a new EP today, titled Eureka! How ’bout that!

The Eureka crew, from Baltimore, has been around since 2006 making sweet, subdued pop, with a self-titled debut album and now the Eureka! EP under their name. Frontman Justin Levy, who often tours solo as “Eureka Bird” (see dates after the jump), employs a delicate falsetto above the wistful tunes, which were crisply produced by Tyler Watkins of The Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s. Swift cello strokes play a vital role on the piano-led songs, heightening the dreamy affect.

It’s an EP to turn to as the leaves fall, your life transitions, and your once blurry vision becomes ever so clear.

Eureka Birds – “There Was Light” [MP3]

Eureka Birds – “Cactus Man” [MP3]

Eureka Birds on MySpace

[Photo by Julie Massimini]

Justin Levy’s solo tour dates:

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