Serena Andrews

Serena Andrews is a tough one to crack. One minute she’s singing a Broadway-ish, super radio-friendly single, the next she’s getting all bizarro and experimental. She could probably go for something in between the two and gain a bit of consistency. Not that I don’t enjoy the eclecticism, I just think it can be further harnessed. I mean, who doesn’t like the whole dances-to-weirdo-beats-but-tries-to-get-really-deep female these days?

Serena Andrews – “My City” [MP3]

Serena Andrews – “The Dreams” [MP3]

Andrews released her synth heavy 11-track new album, Phoenix, on September 30 via her independent start-up Dream Siren Records.

Serena Andrews on Bandcamp | MySpace

(Did you think this post was about the band Phoenix? Because I totally would have with that big-ass album art. Do you not trust us anymore? Oh well.)

8 comments to Serena Andrews

  • answer your question – me. I am not a fan. She seems to be trying too hard. There is a difference between experimental and trying to be different for weird’s sake. The second track is just silly.

    Billy McCommis Reply:

    Abby? Would you know great music if you heard it? You obviously do not! This CD is amazing!

    abby Reply:

    Well, of course, *I* think I have stellar taste. That said, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Isn’t that what’s so brilliant about music? For every person who isn’t a fan of a particular artist or band, there’s one who is. The industry would be sooooo boring otherwise. Enjoy your amazing. ~A

  • Cayman

    I’ve listened to Serena Andrew’s Phoenix now since release and I think this is a refreshing collection of music. Going middle of the road the whole time may be safe but I don’t think that is what an artist does. You have to test yourself and try different things. Some pay off and some don’t. In this case I think the pay off is great. I hear many layers in the music and appreciate the journey Phoenix takes me on. Serena’s soothing voice offers a stark contrast to the sometimes harsh tones of the piano and the crawl of the bass lines. My favorite track is “Fearless” but there are a lot of others close!

    To Abbey, while I respect and agree your right to like what you like, please refrain from calling other people’s music trash. You could have made your point without sounding like a stuckup know-it-all.

    Count me as someone who enjoys the piece as a practicing musician and a fan of

    Cayman Reply:

    Sorry for the cut-off above. My big thumbs got in the way! :)

    abby Reply:

    While I was using the idiom in its broader terms, that is to say “what is useless to one person might be valuable to another”, as I re-read my comment I can see your point in criticizing my delivery re: the word “trash”, Cayman. It wasn’t my intention to label it literally as garbage or rubbish. That said, I still don’t like the record. As I originally said, I do think it’s great (as illustrated in the comments here) that so many do.

    Happy weekend.

  • Carminda Rocha

    This album is very creative yet has the potential to be radio friendly. It’s refreshing to hear music that has both of those elements and as a songwriter, I believe that is what makes a great song. I recommend this album from the every day listeners to the stuck up know it all music snobs.

  • Lyle

    This is what I’ve been looking for. Any critic this scared of change, is music I want to own. Glad I bought it on iTunes after reading the review because I love it. She’s like an American Bjork for the 21st century. She’s tapped in- totally.