[MP3] The Rest: “John Huston”

Canadian rockers The Rest recently released a teaser track, “John Huston”, off their forthcoming 2011 album, SEESAW, and it’s all kinds of wonderful. I’m also curious as to what the album will be like. Seesaw like the playground item, evoking a deep-seated nostalgia, or seesaw like the play-with-words item, evoking, well, I don’t know what. I do know that The Rest’s collective of musicians has treated their sound well energy-wise on “John Huston”, a song that swathes us in

I’m clearly not going anywhere with my words. So read Adam’s (from The Rest).

It’s all about people hearing the song. Ears, we’re collecting them. Mounting those lobes on our walls!

The Rest – “John Huston” [MP3]

Okay, listen. It really is a great song. If you typically like my taste, download it.

The Rest on Bandcamp | Tumblr

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