Lisa Jaeggi

Lisa Jaeggi has been a long-time reader of Knox Road, enjoying the artists we tend to spotlight. She finally sent us an email with her own music, and I don’t know what took her so long. I fell in love with her haunting voice and the simplistic sound immediately. So consider this a cry to all artists, readers, and whoever else might stumble upon this blog. Don’t be afraid to send your music! Have confidence in your sound, because odds are someone will take a liking to it. (…Okay, I use “someone” broadly. It’s very possible your music sucks and one crazy tone deaf dude thinks he can dance to it and enjoys.)

The album of songs Jaeggi sent over is incredibly raw and lo-fi, with a scratchy filler and a conspicuous echo. But you know what? That’s sort of the appeal. It goes so well with what she’s trying to accomplish as an artist – nothing over the top, presenting her songs in an unassuming manner, and going about her business with humility.

Lisa Jaeggi – “The Lightbearers” [MP3]

Lisa Jaeggi – “I Had No Idea” [MP3]

Lisa Jaeggi – “Come Hell or High” [MP3]

Hear more of her songs / read her lyrics / step into her world at her blog.

Jaeggi is set to release her first studio album in early 2011 via Modern Vintage Recordings, and I’ll be sure to let you guys know about it. It’ll be interesting to hear her fragile sound in a more produced context.

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