[MP3] MillionYoung: “Calrissian”

MillionYoung, who is Florida’s Mike Diaz, will be playing at I Guess I’m Floating’s upcoming Floating Fest at CMJ and the blog has graciously shared his fantastic track “Calrissian.” The song has the sort of washed out, ambient vocals we’ve come to love in today’s indie scene, with rambling Discovery-esque synth and straight-up Christmas bells. Like. BELLS. Did I mention the song is fantastic?  The track is off MillionYoung’s upcoming LP, Atmospheric Beast, which will hopefully be more of the same and more of the bells. Please, sir. More of the bells.*

MillionYoung – “Calrissian” [MP3]

*To be honest, I’m fine with this amount of bells. Maybe on one more track, but they’re so easy to overdo, you know?

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