[MP3] Maur Due & Lichter remix Zero 7 and José González’s “Futures”

Remember Maur Due & Lichter? The electroacoustic Austrian duo whom I fell in love with after listening to their debut album, Another Day. Well, they’re back with a bonus remix of Zero 7 and José González’s tune “Futures” from The Garden.

Maur Due & Lichter’s take on the song makes it an even glitchier Zero 7 track, with much more power and oomph. It’s faster paced, and not exactly the lounge-y listening of the original (…actually, it’s still pretty lounge-y). Bottom line: Maur Due & Lichter continue to impress.

Zero 7 feat. José González – “Crosses” (Maur Due & Lichter remix) [MP3]

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