Sacred Animals releases debut EP, Welcome Home

After Abby’s little love note to Radical Face (aka Ben Cooper) and his latest (brilliant) EP, Touch The Sky, I found it appropriate to post about Sacred Animals’ debut EP, Welcome Home, which was released October 1. Cooper had a special version of his own “Welcome Home” track on Touch The Sky, so I’m hitting you with another electroacoustic tugs-at-the-heartstrings act in Sacred Animals.

Sacred Animals, from Ireland, is, well, a man by the name of Darragh. Darragh has a poignant falsetto that floats out of the speakers and into our inviting ears. If there’s such a thing as easy-listening experimental, Sacred Animals is it. Welcome Home has a distinctly fantastical nature. I’m swept off my feet by the sparkling sounds; whisked away to places of hope and heartbreak.

Sacred Animals – “Wired, Islands” [MP3]

Sacred Animals – “Chosen Seed” [MP3]

Welcome Home is available now via The Delphi Label with 75 handmade, limited edition CDs.

Sacred Animals on Bandcamp | MySpace

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