Wild Nothing impresses in DC

I first heard Jack Tatum (aka. Wild Nothing) while listening to FM4 radio in Germany a few months back. “Summer Holiday” rang out through the car speakers and ended without the DJ identifying the band before starting another song by another artist. I assumed it HAD to be some obscure, Sarah Records band from back in the day that I had somehow missed (never!!). I glanced at my watch and noted the time so I could check the online track listing later. I was flabbergasted to find that one – it wasn’t a Sarah band, but Wild Nothing, and two – he hails from Blacksburg, Virginia, which is pretty much my backyard. The good ol’ state of Virginia has some really nice young artists springing from her loins these days.

I was lucky enough to catch Tatum and the clan of musicians he tours with in DC a few nights ago. The quality of the performance was amazing. I was so satisfied and invigorated by his ability to deliver many of the songs from Gemini so beautifully LIVE that I left before the headliners reared their pretty heads. Plus, his parents were in the audience. He thanked them: the icing on sensible, twee-ish, dream-poppy cake.

You can find more info about Wild Nothing and a lot of other bands that have been kicking my ass lately at Captured Tracks.

[Photo by Francis Chung via DCist]

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