The Conduits

It’s time for The Conduits. Such a sweet duo, these two. It’s like they’ve known each other for years with their brilliant chemistry! Except…they’ve never even met. Christopher Postill lives in Toronto and Heather Mauch lives in San Fransisco. As far as North America is concerned, they couldn’t be living much farther away from each other. I guess distance makes the music grow…better? (Ugh, sorry.)

The two mesh sugary vocals and harmonies with jittery, experimental pop made entirely online.

We dug a little hole in the internet and made an imaginary studio in the attic; with window beds and tubes and beakers. Then we played with noises and sang with words.

Voilà, music!

Test out their debut EP (s/t) with two of my favorite songs below, and download it in full with a straight up “name your price” at Bandcamp. Christopher is currently tracking the instrumentation for their first full-length, to be released in the coming months. More on that soon.

The Conduits – “Up and Down” [MP3]

The Conduits – “Scrambled Eggs” [MP3]

The Conduits on Bandcamp

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