From the indiest of the indie comes Luftwaffe, a band that does everything themselves, in the hottest summer air (without air conditioning, obvz), and releases all their hard work for free. If it makes them happy, then it certainly makes me happy, because I’ve fallen in love with their sublime pop music.

The Luftwaffe fellas, from West Philadelphia (born and raised…okay, I don’t actually know this, but necessary reference), have opened for Post Post and Lower Dens, who are fast gaining momentum, so Luftwaffe has a bit of a track record here. Speaking of records (slick segue skills!), Luftwaffe will be putting out their first 7”, Quiet Summer, in October. In the meantime, check out two Quiet Summer tracks below and download the entire album (and more) for free.

Imagine the album art come to life. You’ll get a pretty good feel for Luftwaffe’s buoyant sound.

Luftwaffe – “Never Let Me Go” [MP3]

Luftwaffe – “Warm Blood” [MP3]

Luftwaffe on Bandcamp

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