In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Jamie came back with a vengeance! Happy times for Knox Road. Jon went back to school, I’m heading to NYC. Where will our lives take us next? No idea. But if you check out what you may have missed this week…

…yeah, completely unrelated.

To sum up the week, unscramble these letters: SUFJNA.

[MP3] Eagle Winged Palace: “Movin’ On To Avalon”

[MP3] Kurran and the Wolfnotes: “Your Four Limbs”
MGMT’s video for “Congratulations” tells us where stars are born
[MP3] Ducktails: “Art Vandelay” / “Hamilton Road”

[MP3] Starfucker: “Julius”
Vampire Weekend vs. their own album cover

Sufjan announces new album, “The Age of Adz”

[Stream/MP3] Sufjan Stevens: “I Walked”
Roy Paymon
[Abby’s Road] The (second) best medicine

iTunes Mixery

*Pick of the Week*
Song, by Toad: “MP3s have liberated physical products, not destroyed them” Matthew weighs in with a new perspective on the MP3 vs. CD/Vinyl debate.

*MP3 of the Week*
Look no further than Friday’s post. Betcha have no idea which one I’m talking about!!

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