iTunes Mixery

For those who don’t know, this is the thirteenth iTunes Mixery. Here’s how it goes: I play iTunes on shuffle -> tell you which song comes up -> provide the mp3 and a tidbit -> continue until five songs and embarrassment are complete. Again, nothing’s off-limits – I don’t “fix the mix”. Have a look into my life…

  1. Sprengjuhöllin – “Worry till Spring” [MP3] (MySpace) Warm Icelandic (see what I did there??) acoustic pop with comforting vocals and a soft, soothing pace.
  2. Sun Kil Moon – “Space Travel Is Boring” [MP3] (from Tiny Cities). A gorgeous rendition of Modest Mouse’s original version, on an otherwise disappointing covers album. Mark Kozelek forces a deep introspection here, adding some orchestral components alongside his tranquil vocals.
  3. A Farewell To Arms – “Come Home Soon” [MP3] (from Learning To Let Go). Jeez, this mix is pretty emo. “Come Home Soon” takes me back to my high school days, as A Farewell To Arms (now just Corey Crowder) was one of those standard tries-too-hard-acoustic-pop guys. Still, a pleasant track…without the slightest bit of originality.
  4. Portastatic – “Echos Myron” [MP3] (from Blatant Doom Trip). Another tribute, this time for Guided By Voices. Anyone enjoying the lo-fi hype these days would be remiss not to listen to Mac McCaughan’s solo project, Portastatic. This track is short and sweet, and perfect for the end of summer.
  5. Just Jack – “Writer’s Block” [MP3] (from Overtones). I’ll stick with the theme of the song.

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