MGMT’s video for “Congratulations” tells us where stars are born

I think I’m getting used to MGMT videos now. Are they weird, odd, against the grain? Yes. But does that make them bad or unwatchable? Never! I’m sure they represent things that are very deep and meaningful! And visually they’re always interesting and unique! In this one we have our familiar heros traveling through some barren desert with a strange alien ostrich creature that just can’t keep things together (zing). Well our heros are certainly friends indeed as they do their best to make sure the creature makes it to its destination in one piece (zing). But after the band’s two previous videos, it looks like they’re mellowing things down a bit. I don’t necessarily approve, but I know those confused people who want more nude dancing or something in their music videos say “thanks.”

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  • shant

    reminds me of the new yeasayer music video…i feel like they went weird for the sake of being ‘weird’ lol