[MP3] Eagle Winged Palace: “Movin’ On To Avalon”

Weird music is all the craze these days, ya know? But what does “weird” actually mean, if everything we’re listening to is “weird”? Something different? Straying entirely from the mainstream? So then, what becomes the mainstream, at least in indie music? So many questions, I know (and most are questions several of you have been sitting on forever). But don’t tell me there is no mainstream in indie, because there is.

Indie doesn’t mean completely unique. There is an overriding theme to the music, and tastemakers seem to redefine it every other year. I don’t have a problem with any of this, as music discovery oftentimes takes a turn for the better when we constantly seek the outermost limits of music that remains listenable. And once in a while, artists come our way that seem to bridge the gap between “weird” and “appealing to a wider audience”.

Long-winded introduction and all, this is precisely how I would describe the folksy music of Eagle Winged Palace, out of Echo Park, LA. Last year they released an EP on Park the Van Records, and they recently released their debut full length, Where We’re Coming From, via their own label, Western Crest Records. Check out “Movin’ On To Avalon” below, a tune with echoing harmonies, taking us on an imaginary journey to billowing forests with its wandering nature.

Eagle Winged Palace – “Movin’ On To Avalon” [MP3]

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