Phenomenal Video Saturday: Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr do Inception

For all eight of you who haven’t seen Inception yet, well, this week’s video has nothing to do with the plot, so don’t worry: no spoilers here. But you guys should probably see the movie. It’s super good, and isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio a HUNK? I’m asking rhetorically, of course. I don’t know.

The video in question is a live performance of the song “Time” from the movie’s soundtrack, as written by Hans Zimmer and performed by Zimmer, The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, and other instrumentalists. Basically, it starts small, with a simple four-note piano theme, and soon becomes strikingly huge. Much of Zimmer’s music doesn’t bother with subtlety, but sometimes having your senses completely bombarded is a cool thing. Especially when you’re four dream levels deep.

Hans Zimmer – “Time” [MP3]