Weezer to “go indie” with new deal on Epitaph Records?

Weezer has left their long-time record label, Geffen, in a move they and others have called going “independent.” But rather than self-release their next album, or sign with a truly small label, they have instead signed with Epitaph Records. Although this moves the band away from corporate giants, is it really going “indie” if your label mates are bands like Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion, New Found Glory and Social Distortion? Or is just joining the ranks of other washed-up 90s rock acts?

To be fair, Epitaph also has acts like Cadence Weapon and Danger Doom. But to be harsh, it also has bands with names like The Color of Violence and I Set My Friends On Fire. But the big news here is that Weezer will be releasing their new album, Hurley, on the label this September. Moving so shortly before the release might imply a need for less label control and therefore a quality record (for a change).

If it means we don’t have to endure more trampoline Youtube pop (see Raditude), the move will prove to be a great change. But if it means touring with Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam (see Social Distortion), I’ll just be disappointed.

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  • tiny_paintings

    @knoxroad Had to laugh when I read Cuomo’s quote about “finally being indie”. baaah hah