The Cheniers

Be prepared, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. The following content contains a major dose of lo-fi. (To put it lightly.)

The Cheniers come from the D.C. Metro area and are fronted by Knox Road friend and pop critic for The Washington Post, David Malitz. As Malitz told me, their sound is strongly influenced by The Fall, a British post-punk outfit, and he’s a-okay with that. The Cheniers aren’t looking to achieve some otherworldly, pretentious, overly complicated sound. The music is straightforward with no strings attached, and if you can lend your ears to probably some of the rawest sounding material you’ve heard in quite some time, then you’ll highly enjoy the catchy tunes.

Yeah Gates, Malitz’s label, will be releasing short-run 7″s by America Hearts and Foul Swoops – two D.C. bands gaining momentum (whom I’ll probably profile soon) – this Fall, plus another one by The Cheniers around Fall/Winter. The tracks below are from Trouble, the 7” out now on Windian.

The Cheniers – “Sad City (Version)” [MP3]

The Cheniers – “Here Comes Trouble” [MP3]

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