[MP3] Stacy Clark: “Don’t Take What’s Mine”

Two female singer/songwriters in a row from me! You probably think I’m getting all soft on you. WELL…I am. But is there something so wrong with that?? I mean, come on, when we hear good music, that’s what we want to post, no matter what it is when it is. It’s kind of like the NFL draft. Do you draft based on your need by position, or do you draft the best available talent? I say the best available talent, always and forever.

If you were somehow able to follow along with that intro and fantastic metaphor, have yourself a listen to “Don’t Take What’s Mine”, Stacy Clark‘s promo mp3 off her forthcoming album Connect The Dots. Horns and lush instrumentation and all, the album is definitely a candidate for primetime soap opera usage.

Stacy Clark – “Don’t Take What’s Mine” [MP3]

Connect The Dots is out August 10 via Vanguard Records, and every day Clark will be premiering two songs from the album on her Facebook page. Nice marketing technique!

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2 comments to [MP3] Stacy Clark: “Don’t Take What’s Mine”

  • Avi Gandhi

    Lee, I don’t care if you’re going soft. I accept you.

    This is kind of like an acoustic Frou Frou. I’d listen to it while stoned, so I could fall asleep with a smile on my face.


    Lee Reply:

    Aw, how kind of you to accept me, Avi. Haha.