Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Siren

Cymbals Eat Guitars played the penultimate set at the Stillwell Stage (the stage that isn’t the main one, derp) on Saturday, so I was surprised that the turnout wasn’t terribly big until they were nearly done. But, on the other end, there was a couple who looked to be in their 50s with cell phone cameras in the photo pit, smiling paternally as they got close to take pictures. The band’s parents? ADORABLE.

The band started the set by playing a handful of new songs — one of them, apparently, “is so new” — that sounded pretty good. Not a far cry from the winding, twisted quiet-loud sung-yelled tracks the band is known for, but solid all the same.

However, at points during the set I had to really pay attention to figure out how to wrap my head around the song being played. The songs are so unpredictable that, unless you know exactly what’s coming next, it’s hard to latch on. So the performance was decent, and as energetic as it probably could have been, but maybe the crowd’s unfamiliarity with the music lead to the largely lukewarm response. Maybe the music just doesn’t translate terribly well to a live setting, especially a huge, outdoor live setting in 93 degree heat. Maybe I’m just insane and they completely brought down the house*.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Wind Phoenix” [MP3]

*They did not completely bring down any houses, to my knowledge.

More photos after the jump.

[All photos by James B. Hale/Knox Road from Siren Music Festival]

5 comments to Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Siren

  • 3lended 7wice

    damn!! i went up last year (from bal’mor) for built to spill and spank rock (cause i know those guys) and it was fecking awesome. I even met one of the chicks from project runway! i wish i had sucked it up this year, the line up was really good and cymbals eat guitars made an album that i wouldn’t mind being stuck with on a desert island with only one disk and a portable CD player.
    Good thing you guys were there to cover it, letting me know why i’ll be making the trek again next year!!

  • @knoxroad Ewww I personally wasn’t impressed… (re Cybals Eat Guitars) Thanks but no thanks… O.o

    knoxroad Reply:

    @delightfulmess what didn’t you like? the negatives Jon talked about in his post?

    delightfulmess Reply:

    @knoxroad Just their sound in general- but I wouldn’t write them off completely. Sometimes my least fav. songs grow on me.. uncanny but true

  • @knoxroad Ok I listened again… The music wasn’t bad,it was the vocals I didn’t care for.. but it’s only one song and one personal opinion!