[MP3] Arran Arctic: “The Door”

“The Door” is Arran Arctic‘s latest single, the first off his forthcoming album, In My Hands, and comes as a major change from the artist about whom I previously wrote, “The hushed vocals breed such a profound tranquility”. Not so anymore. The general tone of the music has changed gears from quieter folk to peppy electronica. Obviously not, like, electro crazy dance jamz, but you’ll notice the difference from the very first beat.

Is this new direction for the better? I’m not sure. In a fairly big surprise, Arctic’s voice actually sounds kind of like a subdued Gary Lightbody. The backing music couldn’t be less similar, of course, but it struck me as rather odd, with Arctic using his accent to much fuller effect this time around. Still though, I think you’ll find a lot to like about Arctic’s new sound, and hopefully he’ll harness it even further for his next free single, which comes out September 1.

Arran Arctic – “The Door” [MP3]

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  • On my next record shop binge, I am going to create and smuggle in a header card listing the genre “ELECTRO CRAZY DANCE JAMZ” and put it in front of the Daft Punk 12-inches. I’m doing it.