Stream an hour long Mumford & Sons Concert

Considering this is such a long video, I hesitated to post it. But then I listened, transfixed, to the first song of the set, “Sigh No More.” It continues to baffle me how the band can conjure up so much raw intensity with only a kick drum and tambourine in terms of percussion.

Anyway, if you want a full concert — from Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg — and have about 56 minutes and 33 seconds to kill (don’t we all), you can do a lot worse than watching these four British dudes doing Americana. The set is super tight, and manages to get loud using most of the instruments you’d attribute with their inability to get loud.

Check out some of the show below. The whole thing at Baeblemusic.

Mumford & Sons – “The Cave” [MP3]

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