The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor, out of Portland OR, is Lane Barrington and an ever-revolving set of unique musicians. Centered mostly around orchestral arrangements, The Ocean Floor’s music is heartfelt and diverse, and on their forthcoming fourth full length, Pop Quiz, they use a variety of different 20th century, historic elements to influence the lyrics and the sound.

Pop Quiz is due out July 13 via Electricity/Lust. For as conceptual as the album may be, The Ocean Floor doesn’t pretend to know all the answers, or any of them, for that matter. There are 75 questions spread out over the course of the 11-track album with which Barrington and co. expect to engage the listener.

The Ocean Floor – “What’s The Dream?” [MP3]

The Ocean Floor – “Am I?” [MP3]

Also an intriguing note from Barrington about the release show, which certainly piqued my interest, as I hope it does yours:

Our release show, July 24th at The Artistery in Portland, OR – will be the debut of Microjams. These are short performances we do using tiny sounds amplified through natural acoustics in the listeners ear. Basically a person sets down, we put “eargoggles” on them and then give a stereo performance of extremely quiet musical sounds amplified through the small jars that make up the “eargoggles.” We will also do storytelling and stereo soundtrack these stories with micro-sound effects. Basically this allows for an audience member getting a personalized headphone-like performance! We usually have the booth set up for microjams between sets.

This show is the beginning of a lengthy U.S. tour with Ah Holly Fam’ly.

[The album covers and inserts are original art by children’s author and folk musician Joanna Wright.]

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