New songs and album details from Clean Equations

After receiving some amusing comments on my last Clean Equations post from their dedicated fan base, I’m excited to announce more CE news, in the hopes that we’ll get another round of comedic commentary. (Honestly, though, take a look – I have no idea what they were talking about. I get lost when it comes to anything math-related, even when it’s a joke.)

So, to the news. And music. Clean Equations are set to release their debut full length, titled People / Variables, which is way more polished/produced than their previous effort. Remember how last time I said something along the lines of how surprised I was to find out Clean Equations had seven members? Well, People / Variables sounds chock full of people and instruments (…and with good reason, there’s 11 members this time). The album delivers a strong Broken Social Scene vibe, with maybe a bit more post-rock. There’s a little bit of fuzz still hanging around, though, keeping some of the original feel intact.

Clean Equations – “People / Variables” [MP3]

Clean Equations – “Sunday Night Maybes” [MP3]

People / Variables will be out August 24, 2010 via State Capital Records.

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