The Smurfs teaser trailer because the art of film is ALIVE, you guys

I know it’s popular to be all “I hate Hollywood for taking my favorite childhood tv shows/cartoons/video games/board games/bubble gum mascots and turning them into dumb new movies,” but since The Smurfs was never a great part of my childhood, I feel unbiased in my look at this new teaser for the upcoming (in 3D!!) Smurfs movie (with Neil Patrick Harris!!). Let’s take a look, shall we?

Cool, Hollywood! That was really great. I really liked the part where you had Neil Patrick Harris introduce the trailer so everybody knows he’s attached to the project (I love him in that show he does about mothers or something)! You know what the rest of the confusing cast will be like? Sure! Fred Armisen will play Brainy Smurf, George Lopez is Grouchy Smurf (that was a smurf?), Kenan Thompson is Greedy Smurf and John Oliver is Vanity Smurf (are these just like, sins now?). Hank Azaria will fill the role of Gargamel because, you know, The Simpsons. But the best casting decision? Katy Perry as Smurfette. Brilliant. I love it. “You’re Smurf then you’re Smurf,” or whatever.

I’m sure every parent will take their child to this movie because it’s that or sit in the park. With dogs. And interaction with other people. Barf. I’m not a parent, but I’m sure I’d love to introduce my kids to the great art of film at as early an age as possible. “Sorry sweetheart, soccer can wait. We’re going to the cinema!!”

5 comments to The Smurfs teaser trailer because the art of film is ALIVE, you guys

  • Hey Jamie, your cynicism is showing! 😉

    Honestly though, it’s a Smurfs movie. What did you expect? There have always been stupid movies, and there will always be stupid movies. The Smurfs was stupid in its original form, so I wouldn’t expect much else in a remake (other than slapstick, goofy fun). Besides, without stupid movies we wouldn’t have things like Mystery Science Theatre and The Soup.

    PS – I’m pretty sure that’s Neil Patrick Harris singing the Smurfs theme in that trailer. If anyone is unfamiliar with his singing talents, you should check out Doctor Horrible.

    PPS – As someone who did grow up with the Smurfs, I can confirm that yes, all of the Smurfs mentioned were in the original show. Vanity Smurf would just walk around with a mirror, constantly checking himself out. No, I’m not making that up. Yes, I’m off to hide behind something.

    Jamie Reply:

    Ha! Yeah, I did expect about the same level of terrible as this is sure to be. I would just rather they make original awful movies. Like Space Chimps! Remember Space Chimps? I think what Hollywood needs is a little less Katy Perry as The Smurfs and a little more Andy Samberg as a space chimp. Awful is awful, but let’s make it the most classy awful as possible.

    sean Reply:

    I actually paid a Peruvian surgeon to remove the portions of my brain pertaining to my memories of Space Chimps, so no, I don’t remember it. Then how do I remember having the memories removed you say? Simple, I went Memento on my ass and put tattoo reminders all over my body. You still don’t believe me? You’re probably wise to stick with that feeling.

  • Philippe

    No really it’s a shame. There are enough good Smurf stories to make a great movie without having to bring them in todays USA. It was the stupidest thing to do and Hollywood did it.

    sean Reply:

    To be fair, we have no idea if that’s actually the plot of the movie. Sneak peak trailers like this usually have little to do with the finished product. I think the idea was that in a year the Smurfs will be all over the world, because ya know, the Smurfs movie will crush everyone into submission! Or something.