iTunes Mixery

Whoa, was my last Mixery really in March?? I’m so sorry. Hopefully this one will be plenty special.

For those who don’t know, this is the twelfth (lfth at the end of a word seems really weird) iTunes Mixery. Here’s how it goes: I play iTunes on shuffle -> tell you which song comes up -> provide the mp3 and a tidbit -> continue until five songs and embarrassment are complete. Again, nothing’s off-limits – I don’t “fix the mix”. Have a look into my life…

  1. Sia – “Electric Bird” [MP3] (from Some People Have Real Problems). Horn-laden background, soul-driven vocals on this standout Sia track. BTW, have you checked out her new album (released last week)? Thoughts?
  2. We Swim You Jump – “Sparks Fade Out” [MP3] (from We Swim You Jump EP). Elliott Smith influence much? Either way, pretty strong song from this five-piece from The Netherlands, with soft acoustics and a sweet piano line that drops in toward the end.
  3. Annuals – “Bleary Eyed” [MP3] (from Be He Me). We talked up this North Carolina crew with their release of Sweet Sister(EP) a few months ago. “Bleary Eyed” finds them in their element, spouting shout-y vocals and a wild, all-around fun sound.
  4. jj – “My Way” (feat. Lil Wayne) [MP3] New song this year from the Swedish duo I’ve previously reviewed (and liked) and uh, Lil Wayne. Yeah, you heard right. Dream pop + hip hop…sorta works?
  5. El Ten Eleven – “Sorry About Your Irony” [MP3] (from El Ten Eleven). One of my favorite songs from the instrumental duo. Layered electronica over steady percussion.

‘Til next time!

[image by Michael Leavitt]

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