Who doesn’t love a good husband and wife musical duo? I certainly don’t dislike them. Denver duo Tennis is Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, another great example of a marriage between music and marriage (it works, leave me alone). The two left Denver to spend eight months sailing along the Northern Atlantic Coast to explore life and write music. Apparently that’s a pretty good way to write. What came out of it are nice pop tunes full of echoing vocals and sweet lyrics. Tennis are like that really awesome, nice, talented couple that lives next door to you. You want to hate them for how great they are, but they keep inviting you over for dinner and bringing you the extra brownies they baked. GOD, they’re just so great.

Tennis has their debut 7″, South Carolina, out now on Fire Talk, and another 7″, Marathon, coming out soon on Underwater Peoples.

Tennis – “South Carolina” [MP3]

Tennis – “Marathon” [MP3]

[via GvB]

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