[Notable Album Release] Kacey Johansing – Many Seasons

Kacey Johansing, based in San Fransisco, makes soft pop folk music that would definitely do Harlem well when they make it back to the States for their Chai tea and hot towels. Soothing vocals and a light demeanor (despite the, at times, dark lyrics) mark the overall ‘tude of her music. Johansing, whose name certainly suits her sound well (you think it’s fo’ real or fo’ fake?), released her debut album, Many Seasons, today, which is sure to launch her to the top of the singer/songwriter/MUSICIAN genre. Her influences span the spectrum: Nina Simone, Van Morrison, the Beach Boys (background harmonies, duh), and, uh, Grizzly Bear. Take a couple of her precious songs for a spin below, and purchase Many Seasons here (via Porta Franco Records).

Kacey Johansing – “Angel Island” [MP3]

Kacey Johansing – “Oh, Brother” [MP3] (Oh, whistling.)

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