[MP3] Elsinore: "Yes Yes Yes"

Want a sweet touch of pop to spice up the beginning of your weekend? Look no further than Elsinore, from Champaign, Illinois. Led by songwriter and vocalist Ryan Groff, the foursome is set to release their second full-length album, Yes Yes Yes, August 10. Groff’s inimitable falsetto vocals and the band’s lush, full, slickly produced sound are the cornerstones of Elsinore’s music. Yes Yes Yes was co-produced by Adam Schmitt (HUM, Headlights) and mastered by Jon Pines (Billy Bragg & Wilco, Jay Bennett, Braid), and contains a diverse display of instruments, not to mention choral harmonies, ultimately making for a playful, exciting sound. Plus, WHO CAN DENY HANDCLAPS??

Elsinore – “Yes Yes Yes” [MP3]

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