Jack James

Jack James comes to us from Glasgow, which is immediately discernable upon first listen to his music, as his Scottish drawl all but rings in our ears. He recently released his newest album, Quarter-life Crisis, entirely for free on Bandcamp, and with a little more polish it looks we could have the next great Scottish act on our hands. Right when we expect a song to crescendo and maybe break into Mumford & Sons style emotica (I made up that word. I think.) it falls back on its downtempo comfort.

Regardless, though, James provides a great set of raw tunes, which sound like he’s standing right next to us in an empty hallway, with echoes bouncing off the wall. The tracks are dazzlingly intimate, and I’m excited to see what comes of him.

Jack James – “How Long?” [MP3]

Jack James – “Twenty-Two” [MP3]

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  • Ahhh this looks familiar :) I do love this album, and yeah, Jack’s bursting with potential, I can’t wait to see where he pops up next too! xoxo