Slow Six to go east coast tourin’

Slow Six is a NYC-based post-rock outfit that doesn’t rely on crazy climaxes as much as it does on an intricate combination of violins, rhodes piano and guitar. The songs don’t really follow the quiet/loud dynamic so prevalent in the genre, but instead establish a pace (usually pretty quick) and see how all the instruments can play off each other. Each song is a mini-epic, but not because it is emotionally draining. The songs are emotional, sure, but they’re still just so fun to listen to.

The band is going on a small east coast tour, starting super soon, so get on that. A radio edit of “The Night You Left New York,” from this year’s Tomorrow Becomes You, along with the dates,  are below.

Slow Six – “The Night You Left New York (Radio Edit)” [MP3]

Slow Six Tour Dates:
06.04 • The Practice Loft w/ Apriori and Wild Domestic (London, ON)
06.05 • Rivoli w/ This Will Destroy You (Toronto, ON)
06.06 • Petit Campus w/ This Will Destroy You (Montreal, QC)
06.07 • Great Scott w/ This Will Destroy You (Boston, MA)
06.08 • The Knitting Factory w/ This Will Destroy You (Brooklyn, NY)
06.10 • DC9 w/ This Will Destroy You (Washington D.C.)
06.11 • Kungfu Necktie w/ This Will Destroy You (Philadelphia, PA)

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