Dog and wolf sing a heartbreaking duet

Full disclosure: this duet is not heartbreaking. Nor is it a wolf and a dog singing it.

It’s just freaking awesome. I don’t need to say any more.

Wolf Parade gets so close on Expo 86

The main distinguishing factor between Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, one of Spencer Krug’s many other projects, is the song construction and destination. Generally, while Sunset Rubdown prefers long-winded, ever-changing sounds and structures within the same song, Wolf Parade is its more straightforward brother. They both had some of the same qualities — the […]

In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Well, it was a long week for sports. World Cup action, Tennis action (understatement), NBA draft action, NHL draft action. Lotsa stuff. OH, Jamie’s gone. But only for a month! Unfortunately, he’ll probably be missing the Siren Festival on Coney Island, which we still intend to cover as voraciously as last year (we’re […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Thom Yorke

Man, you’d think after so many Phenomenal Video Saturdays I’d just run out of videos to share. But I’m an intrepid researcher, you see. Don’t fear.

However, we’re going back to Radiohead territory this week; actually, more like Thom Yorke solo territory. This is a terrific performance of the hypnotizing “Cymbal Rush” from his […]

[MP3] of Montreal: “Coquet Coquette”

New of Montreal.

should I start every sentence with a lowercase first letter to get you in the spirit of things? i Think i will. “Coquet Coquette” is fairly typical of Montreal to be honest, but the instrumental end to the song is spooky and eerie and [insert like-minded synonym]. the Song is […]

[Abby’s Road] Waves of Mutilation – a Decibel Discussion

Easter Sunday, April 11, 1993. Something was stolen from my awkward, teenaged body leaving me a changed woman today. I blame 808 State and Meat Beat Manifesto. That day, in a steel town discotheque (RIP), an unknown percentage of the hearing in my left ear disappeared… ne’er to return. I was reminded of this […]

[MP3] Hammer No More the Fingers: “Shutterbug”

Do you ever listen to a song that is something you totally don’t normally like, and then inexplicably like it anyway? Yeah, me neither. What’s up with that? Poseurs, right?

But seriously, that’s what happened to me when I heard “Shutterbug” by North Carolina’s kind of gory-named Hammer No More The Fingers […]

[MP3] Cloud Nothings: “Didn’t You”

Cloud Nothings, aka Dylan Baldi, released the MP3 today for “Didn’t You”, which came out as a 7” with B-side “Even If It Worked Out”. If “Didn’t You” doesn’t will you to get up and go on these beautiful summer days (actually, it’s probably going to storm tonight in most of the Northeast […]

Casey Shea offers new MP3, featured on “Mr. Rogers & Me” documentary

Casey Shea is a rising singer/songwriter, having plied his trade in the fertile music breeding grounds of Nashville, Tennessee and moving his way on up to New York City. His newest album, Love Is Here To Stay, (released on one of our favorite up-and-coming labels, Family Records) is available for a mere five […]

Murder Mystery releases two new songs

Murder Mystery, a dance/pop/rock group out of New York, dropped two new songs for free download to show listeners what they’ve been up to since their critically acclaimed self-released debut, Are You Ready For The Heartache (2008). The four-piece consists of brother-sister duo Jeremy and Laura Coleman, alongside Adam Fels and Graham Roberts, with Laura’s first […]