In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

It’s reaaaaallly hard for me not to talk about the NBA finals here (go Celtics), but I think I filled my basketball quota a couple Week In Reviews ago. Meanwhile, I’m already talking about basketball. Sorry. Umm let’s see, what important stuff happened this week that would cause you to miss Knox Road? Oh, American Idol happened; I won. I should probably be happy, but god Lee was awful. It was only appropriate that he sang “What would you do if I sang out of tune?” before Crystal and Joe Cocker joined in. Also, did anyone know that Lindsay Lohan is in an upcoming porn star biopic? Producers, I think you lost out on the “shock” effect.

The Gentle Guest
[MP3] Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: “Sink/Let It Sway”

[Review] Beach Fossils’ eponymous debut takes it easy this summer. Shouldn’t you?
[MP3] Kathryn Calder: “Slip Away”

Regina Spektor is getting Presidential

Magic Man
[MP3 + Video] Marina and the Diamonds covers 3OH3! and Katy Perry’s “Starstrukk”
Spring Summer

[MP3] Club 8: “Shape Up!”
[MP3] Sweet Track: “Upon Joining The Army”
[Notable Album Release] William Brittelle – Television Landscape
[Abby’s Road] Summertime, and the living is easy?

[MP3] Taken By Trees: “Anna (CFCF remix)”
Phenomenal Video Saturday: Scott Stapp wills the Marlins to WIN

*Pick of the Week*
Love Shack, Baby: “Samantha Crain: You (Understood) …. flowing precision” Tart goes all out with her words this time, and for good reason: the new track she posted from Samantha Crain, “Lions”, is breathtaking. Go get it.

*MP3 of the Week*
Thom Yorke – “Black Swan” (from The Eraser)

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