[Notable Album Release] William Brittelle - Television Landscape

Totally obsessed; wholly impressed. NYC composer William Brittelle is releasing his sophomore effort, Television Landscape, on July 27 via New Amsterdam Records. Mixing autotune vocals with classical, jazz, and modern pop instrumentation, Brittelle is truly one-of-a-kind. Don’t try limiting his music or having any expectations of Television Landscape, because they’ll be trashed immediately. He thrives off the ups and downs; the crescendos and decrescendos in his music. Each song raises me up to euphoric states, completely flattens me, then picks me right back up again.

Piano and sax are at the forefront of a few of the songs, but when the electric guitar comes in all bets are off. Punk, rock, prog, whatever, whenever. Expect Television Landscape to be a breakthrough for Brittelle.

William Brittelle – “Dunes of Vermillion” [MP3]

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