Spring Summer

I’ve had this one sitting around for a little while, but now that we’ve received 100 degree weather and cooling thunderstorms on back-to-back days I figured it was a good time to post about an artist named “Spring Summer”…don’t you agree? What can I say, I’m a man with a plan!

Spring Summer, aka Jennifer Furches, caught my attention pretty quickly with her resonant and soulful voice overtop some lovely string work. I actually stumbled upon her music by accident…I was looking for a different artist on MySpace (forget who) and I clicked the wrong page, and bam! Spring Summer. How lucky we are for mistakes.

Furches has quite the resume under her belt: She has played and recorded with Sea Wolf, Patrick Park, Cass McCombs and Coconut Records, though recently she decided to start making music under her own moniker. And voila, Spring Summer was born. Her debut album (self-titled) was produced by Patrick Park, who accompanied her on slide guitar and banjo. Others on the record include Robert Schwartzman (Organs), and Dustin O’Hallaran (Tack Piano).

Spring Summer – “Ghost” [MP3]

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[Photo by Brent Mullins]

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  • Damn you, Levin. You’re stealing (my) tomorrow’s thunder with all this talk of summer. Zip it. Man with a plan. Pfft.