Magic Man

Oh how excited I am to present this duo to you. I know, you may be thinking, “Lee, you’re a Celtics fan, how can you possibly be behind anything magic related after last night’s beatdown??” Well, I considered that. But then I considered the possibility of pulling off the greatest jinx of all time! Having “Magic” in the title of a Knox Road post! It will work wonders, I promise.

Not to take away from the music though, because it’s stunning; it’s hard to think only two guys are behind it. The electronica comes out in force, making for a full sound despite the highly experimental nature of the music. The debut album from Magic Man (Sam Lee and Alex Caplow, rising juniors at Tufts and Yale, respectively) is titled Real Life Color and it’s available entirely for free at Bandcamp.

We’ve put a lot of work into these ten songs and would really like you to hear them, so we’ve decided to put the entire album up for free download. You don’t have to pay anything (unless, of course, you feel strongly compelled to do so)–all we ask is that, if you like the songs, please share them with anyone you think will enjoy them as well.

The tunes were released in January via Arcade Sound Ltd.

Magic Man – “Daughter” [MP3]

Magic Man – “Like Sailors” [MP3]

Magic Man – “Darling” [MP3]

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