Regina Spektor is getting presidential

By presidential, I of course mean she’s being elected president. Great! Post: over.

Just kidding, of course. Did you believe me? I’ve been told my poker face is divine. What Regina Spektor is ACTUALLY doing is performing at the White House tomorrow at the Jewish Heritage Month reception hosted by ol’ Barack and his ball and chain.

Time for a huge, quote-y blockquote. Oy gevalt.

“Having moved to America from Soviet Russia as a child with my family, we dreamed of reconnecting with our religious traditions and of making America our home” says Spektor. “Having lived here for over twenty years, it is an unimaginable honor to be invited to the White House by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, to an event celebrating Jewish Americans, and to be counted among them. Nothing in the world could make us feel more accepted and at home!”

There’s really not much else to talk about here, but I think it’s pretty cool when an artist — especially one in the indie circuit, even if Spektor is starting to break out a bit — gets such a high honor. In other news, didja know she wrote a song that references where I live? Didja? Didja?

Regina Spektor – “Eet” [MP3]

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