The Gentle Guest

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys some rocking alt-folk/americana, hasn’t it? Well let’s change that with The Gentle Guest, five (sometimes as many as ten) talented fellas out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Frontman Eric Rykal brings his raspy vocals to a burst of horns and stampeding percussion (among other conspicuous instruments, including slide guitar) on the band’s newest full-length, Cast Off Your Human Form, due July 20, 2010 on Amble Down Records.

The Gentle Guest is one of those bands that can get you through the workday, providing a jolt of energy and a rush of enthusiasm, and their press says as much:

Its performances are frantic, theatrical spectacles, with as many as ten rowdy members filling entire rooms with ragtime sounds and sweaty, fist-pumping energy.

Have a listen to the first single off Cast Your Human Form, titled Judgment, and a pretty acoustic tune from The Gentle Guest’s debut EP, Our Little Ruckus, released in 2007.

The Gentle Guest – “Judgment” [MP3]

The Gentle Guest – “Longfellow” [MP3]

The Gentle Guest on MySpace

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