In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

The Celtics are playing. Can’t talk, sorry.

Ticket giveaway and interview with Greg Laswell
[MP3] Marching Band: “Another Day”

[Review] The National provide another stunning effort with High Violet
[Review] Woods’ At Echo Lake is pleasant but inconspicuous
[Review] The Dead Weather improve, make good rock music on Sea of Cowards

[MP3] Sarah Winters: “Not Mine”
[MP3] The Goodbye Radio: “That’s the Point”
[MP3] One For The Team ft. John Vanderslice: “I Got Tamed”

[MP3] Castledoor: “Flashlight”

[Abby’s Road] Reunited and it feels so weird
Josh Ritter seems to have a lot of fun on tour

Phenomenal Video Saturday: The National. On Letterman. Thursday.
[MP3] Ian McGlynn & The Dead Radio: “Digital Killed the Record Store”

*Pick of the Week + MP3 of the week*
Their Bated Breath: “Seeing The Light | William Fitzsimmons”: Combining the picks this week, as bloggin’ buddy David posted up an articulate review and lovely remix from William Fitzsimmons’ new release, Derivatives.
William Fitzsimmons – “So This Is Goodbye” (Pink Ganter remix) [MP3]

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