Trailer leaks for new J.J. Abrams/Spielberg movie "Super 8"

We all know that J.J. Abrams just LOVVVVES secret movie trailers and we all know that a new collaboration between him and Steven Spielberg is bound to get a lot of blood pumping. But after a lot of people were so let down by the actual movie Cloverfield turned out to be (myself not included), will there be as much excitement surrounding this new trailer? Yes, probably. There’s still time to tell, but the trailer for the film, titled Super 8, has already hit the internet after premiering before Iron Man 2 this weekend. What does it look like? Update 5/11: Official Trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

I have no idea. There’s like a train, something about Area 51 and some explosions and smoke and junk. Apparently the movie follows some normal people who catch something not normal on film. Ok, so while this may not be a Cloverfield sequel the premise seems awful similar. And the trailer is nowhere near as great (missing the far-flung statue of liberty head). But you know what Abrams-Spileberg? I’ll bite. I’ll bite because I like mystery and I like weird shit. You’ve given me both, but please don’t disappoint.

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