[MP3] Rio Blanco: "Wild Doves"

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, uber-talented Knox Road friend Zach Lipkins is writing and recording under a new moniker, Rio Blanco. He sent us his first Rio Blanco song, “Wild Doves”, featured below, for your listening consumption. And, well, as they say, new look, same great taste!

…Okay, maybe a little (lot) cheesy, but “Wild Doves” is the Zach Lipkins we’ve come to know and love, and even more. Lipkins told us Rio Blanco was going to be folksier and more acoustic than previous material, which seems to be the case, though his rhythmic foundation in electronica is still very much intact. “Wild Doves” definitely sounds more polished, however. Smart move in a young, promising career. Lipkins can only go up from here.

Rio Blanco – “Wild Doves” [MP3]

Rio Blanco on MySpace

5 comments to [MP3] Rio Blanco: “Wild Doves”

  • atotalfan

    can you please get the lyrics from Rio Blanco and post them? I keep trying to hear it all, and while some parts of the song are clear, other parts are driving me crazy as I try to understand them. and it doesn’t seem like the lyrics are posted anywhere on the internet yet

    Lee Reply:

    I just asked Zach. Hopefully we’ll get them soon!

    atotalfan Reply:

    cool, that would be great

    Lee Reply:


    Go, Travel the world
    Find your place in time
    Forget your wor(l)d(s)
    Ability to climb
    I’ll never leave behind

    atotalfan Reply:

    THANKS for getting these!