[MP3s] Dana Falconberry + Brad Senne

Why not post two mp3s from the same email together? It only makes sense.

Dana Falconberry is a singer/songwriter with an alt-folk twang and a precious voice. The songs are intimately dazzling, somehow managing to haunt with eerie harmonies but stay warm at the same time. Her voice is by no means vibrant or resonant, but that’s the idea here: the songs aren’t meant to be full-forced. They’re of the soothing, delicate nature.

Dana Falconberry – “Crooked River”

Dana Falconberry’s website

Brad Senne is also a singer/songwriter who makes floating, ethereal, hazy pop with his acoustic guitar and backing strings. His slightly accented bass voice complements the background nicely. Soft percussion keeps the song trudging along.

Brad Senne – “Golden” [MP3]

Brad Senne on MySpace

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  • Thanks for the Brad Senne, but the link is still to the Dana Falconberry track 😉

    His “Sing & Dance” track is also stellar for those who enjoy.


    Lee Reply:

    argh. sorry about that. fixed now. thanks for letting me know!