A band that caught my ears recently has come with a name not so unfamiliar to us folks here in D.C.: Bethesda is a town just around the bend, so the group caught my attention pretty much immediately, despite having never heard a lick of their music (does anyone use that saying anymore?). Sometimes you just get lucky! I should note, though, that Bethesda isn’t really from Maryland at all, they’re actually from Northeast Ohio. What? Indie band from Northeast Ohio? Unheard of! Another thing going in their favor. Go Bethesda!

The sound is difficult to explain, but I think that’s what Bethesda thrives off of, so I’ll do my best not to narrow them down too much. The six members clearly have roots in a folk sound, but on their debut full length, Love in a Time of Tra La La, indie pop runs rampant. The distinct, soprano female vocals (and male harmonies) are a sharp contrast to the more accessible background. If you can deal with the quirky vocals, then you will fall in love with the cutesy-ness of Bethesda. If not, then you probably won’t take much liking to them; I can see how they may throw some people off. But I say, give it a chance. The sound is unique. Extend your proximal zone of listening!

Bethesda – “Burn These Ships” [MP3]

Bethesda – “Tunnels” [MP3]

Bethesda on MySpace

[Photo by Nick Brewer]

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